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Furniture in massive shisham wood by Katia Murtin proposes you a selection of wooden Design furniture of rosewood of natural tint. This collection was designed by Katia Murtin.
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Shisham (Tahli, Sissoo or sheesham) is of the family of the rosewood, a tree of tropical origin which we find in Asia, in Africa or in South America.
The rosewood is a precious wood, very qualitative. It is a hard wood, with a strong density, and very pleasant to the touch due to its very fine grain.
The tones of his veining can be more or less intense: they pass of the light gray in the purple brown, going even sometimes up to the black. The rosewood is very resistant to the humidity (it does not thus vary with the atmospheric hygrometry) what confers him a big stability in the time.
This range of the brand Atika One will not miss to amaze and to seduce by creating a universe in your inside. To you to appreciate the original curves of the wavy design of this collection. Design by Katia Murtin.



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